23 Jun 2016

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Common Assumptions Of Shirt

Ready-to-wear shirts are based on assumptions that men’s sizes are the yardstick of the board. So let's say if you’re this neck size you’ll be this tall and this shape and assume that every one of your neck size will fit into this shirt.

But it’s not just about fitting into it, you should look good in it.

Ready-to-wear probably isn't ready to wear after all.

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Difference In Shirts That Are Tailored

We should understand the essentials of wearing a good fit shirt. It is about carrying yourself with manners of dressing proudly and nicely through this generation of working class.

A tailored shirt shows a more professional and flattering side of a person.

To achieve an excellent fit shirt, we have to take into the account of several measurements that include the breadth of the chest, the length of the arms, the width of the shoulders, the size of arms at the biceps and at the wrist, the bulge of the stomach and bottoms and the length of the torso.

Why? The shirt length is as important as other aspects of your shirt.

A long sleeve makes your jacket look too short whereas when it is not long enough, it makes your jacket look too big.

Imagine you are on your way to an important meeting. A man looks much better in a cheaply-made garment that is properly tailored than you who emphasized the importance of the meeting and decided to wear an expensive garment that doesn’t fit correctly. Well, you get my point. 

In this fast moving world, it is all about well-tailored system specifically meant for the individual. Designing a website for your business, preparing a diet, an artistic interior of a house, so why not design your own shirt? 

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Why Choose Tailorswift? 

Getting down to a tailor in Singapore can be a hassle. Usually, such experiences involve going down for multiple fittings and ultimately a custom-made fit shirt for you.

It is possible to get the same results online as well especially with the modern 3D visualization sneak peek.

You could key in your measurements with the guides we offer online and if you still aren't confident, you can send in a tailored shirt of yours and request to duplicate the measurement while you mix and match the designs you want on their simple and intelligent website.

Many would think that tailor shirt in Singapore would be expensive and even if you managed to find a cheap tailor Singapore, it will be disappointing.  The Best tailor in Singapore is often expensive and the locals in Singapore live by this motto "Cheap and Good".

At tailorswift, we seek to deliver this motto WITH a shorter turnaround time.


The Value Of Tailored Shirts

With a fitting shirt, it will last for years as custom tailoring offers you the opportunity to a custom-fitted to suit your tastes, your shape and your expressions.

Instead of paying extravagantly for a unfitting shirt, why not spend wisely on a custom fitting shirt in order to look good every day until the next style of the season?

By the way, classics never die.

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